Belguin Prosper Lumu

CEO | Market Intelligence Analyst | Author 

 ABOUT BELGUIN- CEO; Young & Free International

Belguin is the Founder and C.E.O of Young & Free International Limited, an international youth supporting, market intelligence and lobbying company. He is an expert in Marketing, Public Relations & Sales strategy. He is a self-made businessman and lobbyist.

Belguin studied Business Administration and specialized in Marketing. He is highly exceptional as a creative thinker when it comes to brainstorming marketing, PR & sales strategies that entities take on in various business environments or during marketing, PR and sales crises.

Belguin has earned a reputation among his peers and business counterparts when it comes to devising ways brands can penetrate, dominate, thrive and counter-respond in competitive business environments in order to achieve their marketing, Public Relations (PR) and sales intentions, in a timely manner.

The company he founded, Young & Free International Limited, specializes in the business of providing market intelligence to companies, lobbying for entities and empowering youth academically, in an entrepreneurial manner, intellectually and socially.

Belguin is also the author of the book  "GAMES CEOs PLAY" . This is a book in which he talks about the various business tactics major leading CEOs use to raise their companies from ground zero to becoming the most sustainable brands. their succession plans. The hardships he faced while starting his own company inspired him to dig into how successful CEOs manage, then he turned his research into a book. The book aims at raising the next generation of CEOs that understand the "GAMES CEOs PLAY." 

Belguin is among the select youth mentors under Mara Foundation. Mara Foundation is an organization for African entrepreneurs that helps young entrepreneurs to grow and find success in their businesses by providing solutions for all their problems. Through Mara Foundation’s mentorship program known as “Mara Mentor”, Belguin mentors several youths from several countries online as he answers their questions regarding start-ups, market penetration and business in general.