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Belguin Prosper Lumu

CEO | Market Intelligence Analyst | Author 

 ABOUT BELGUIN- CEO; Young & Free International

Belguin Prosper is a Market Intelligence specialist with expertise in Marketing Intelligence, Competitor Intelligence AnalysisGuerrilla Marketing, Marketing strategy, Brand management and Communication design

He is the Founder and C.E.O of Young & Free International Limited. Young & Free International Limited is a global marketing intelligence company that specializes in the art of gathering market and competitor intelligence for brands operating in hostile business environments, thus providing a competitive over their competitors. 

He is also the Founder of "YOUNG & FREE", a youth oriented brand through which he connects brands to the youth market using youth empowerment mechanisms and fun-powered youth ventures. 

Belguin also authored the book  "GAMES CEOs PLAY" a book in which he talks about the various business tactics major leading CEOs use to keep their companies on top of their game in the business world. The book aims at raising the next generation of CEOs that understand the "GAMES CEOs PLAY." 

Belguin has continously invented a series of open marketing techniques that include; 

L-Portal (Music Marketing Strategy)

Dead-Man syndrome (Political marketing strategy)

F-Mark strategy and 

WTC marketing strategies. 

He is also a youth mentor with MARA FOUNDATION under Mara Mentor, a program that focuses on fostering entrepreneurship in Africa through a myriad of programs designed to address the complete life-cycle of an entrepreneur’s business idea. The Foundation works to create sustainable economic and business development opportunities for young entrepreneurs via Mara Mentor, Mara Launchpad and the Mara Ad-Venture Fund.